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So I've got that going for me, which is nice.


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Funtaff.com Version 2.0


New look for website released! It has been successfully ripped off from another website

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The UCLA Ice Hockey team just won both thier games against stanford, the second of which they completely dominated.




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Coronado, California

Welcome to funtaff.com - a combination hookah and coffee-maker!


You may ask yourself: what is funtaff?


Funtaff is nothing and everything -- aptly put.


Portal like object: some people (myself) choose to use funtaff for thier home page and e-mail service. Funtaff runs on the fabulous servers of greentooth.net. You could probably inquire about getting an account, and hence e-mail and home page, but for a few dollars at greentooth.net you could have your very own!


Medium for being publicly geeky: I’ve written a few pieces of mostly useless software, and figured this was a good place to put it for the use of the public


Multimedia mecca: well, no. But there is a slight chance there could be video or music around here, if I could just find it...


Nourishment for the passive socializers: e.g. you can look at my pictures and journal and get a glimpse into the lives of me, my friends, and my family.


Free advertisement: actually, I am a web designer. You probably have been meaning to hire one of those -- so why not get on the ball with that one?